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This is a course for testing the lehrbox-system. Everybody having a teacher's login can view these pages and use them to get a feel for the system's vibe. Enjoy, have fun, check it out. Post stuff and responses, engage in discussions, download material and post your comments and complaints direct... ->weiter
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Reading Like A Writer: A Close Reading of Contemporary American Short Stories

This class will study the contemporary American short story through the viewpoint of the writer of literary fiction. Through close reading, we will examine authorial choices such as narrative distance, characterization, setting, tone, subtext, and discover the impact of those choices on the story. ->weiter
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Creative Writing and Literary Publishing

This class in creative writing uses literary publishing as a lens through which to learn the craft of fiction and creative nonfiction. Students will edit and produce an international pop-culture anthology. We will solicit submissions, make editorial selections, work with authors to edit their pie... ->weiter
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